For Uvalde
short film
director, producer
Get Lit
summer 2022
Editor: @leilajarman;  Director of Photography: @gabesandoval_; Gaffer: @camera.slut ; Key Grip: @toni.andres96;  Sound Tech: @_heather_gray;  DIT: @1800xochi

"FOR UVALDE" was written and performed by Sierra Leone Anderson in response to the Uvalde shooting.

“fear is visceral on its own, but the particular chill of feeling unsafe in your own space is especially intimate. I casted my friends Sam, Olivia, and Leila because they know that feeling. I wanted everything about this film to be youth-centered and real.” - Sierra Leone Anderson

Get Lit asked Zion Estrada and Sierra Leone Anderson to create a metaphorical peice illustrating the rippling fear that other highschool students feel after witnessing shootings across the country.

The cast consisted of Anderson’s real life highschool friends Sam Lue, Olivia Smith and Leila Adams-Taylor. Get Lit - Words Ignite, executive produced this project using funds they received from the NBA Foundation to support black youth and workforce development.

Zion Estrada (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist researcher living on Gabrielleno/Tongva Territory. Her work flows between archival assemblage filmmaking, sonic collage production and experiential design.

Zion’s  experimental collage language in film and sonic works often use layering of field recordings, found sounds and carefully curated sound clips that score a line of discourse that complicate temporality, history and meaning making. Her practice is informed by the palimpsest.

Her services include creative direction/production, narrative strategy, archival research, experiential design, host/facilitation, and sonic/visual works.

She is most interested in the non-verbal  and non-human qualities of storytelling in Africa and her diaspora (specifically the Caribbean) and how sounds hold the spirits of the past and the alchemic power to magnetize communities, movement, moods, and healing. She draws on the traditions of Black Trans abolitionists care making, sex worker solidarity,  doula presence practices and movement architects love of release.

Zion is co-founder and Creative Director of Black Discourse and owner of BZE Consultant LLC.

Director of Programs at BLD PWR; holds 10yrs as educator and curriculum developer.

Board member at Citizens of Culture
Presenting at the Ghetto Biennale in Jacmel, Haiti 2024
Participant in MIT Worlding Project Community 2023