Virgil Abloh Broke My Mind
Sound Work
Black Discourse & Nordstrom
summer 2022
produced by Shy Clart

Listen here.

In August we held an intimate conversation with @virgilabloh’s friends and collaborators @murderbravado + @atibaphoto hosted by @Jiandeleon in @nordstrom’s flagship NY store. The night welcomed guests to celebrate the genius of V.

BLACK DISCOURSE has created a sonic artifact to honor V’s legacy featuring original sound design by UK Producer and DJ @shyclart. The work captures Bravado, Jefferson and DeLeon’s tender reflections, along with additional contributions by long time friends and colleagues @prettyvacantcyde, @bafic @ashlauryn.

VIRGIL ABLOH BROKE MY MIND Sonic Artifact bridges the overground with the underground; weaving in members of the public - demonstrating V’s lasting legacy and the imprint he has left on us all.

You can find the VIRGIL ABLOH BROKE MY MIND SONIC track and full panel discussion on the @blackdiscourse.co website. 

We miss you 🕊️

co-production by Koumbah Semega-Janneh

Zion Estrada (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist researcher living on Gabrielleno/Tongva/Chumash Land. Her work flows between archival assemblage filmmaking, sonic collage production and experiential design centering human and more-than-human (re)connection.

Zion’s  experimental collage language in film and sonic works often use layering of field recordings, found sounds and carefully curated sound clips that score a line of discourse that complicate temporality, history and meaning making. Her practice is informed by the palimpsest and Pauline Olivero’s Deep Listening. 

She is most interested in the non-verbal and more-than-human qualities of storytelling from the African diaspora (specifically the Caribbean) and how sounds hold the spirits of the past and the alchemic power to magnetize communities, movement, moods, and healing. She draws from the traditions of Black Trans abolitionists care making, sex worker solidarity,  doula presence practices and movement architects love of release.

Zion is currently is practicing in emergent transformative justice work with Abolition Dream lab practicing in radical learning communities how to prepare, account, release and re-story the harms we have caused, the roots the harms have in culture and systemic violence  while centering care, healing and rest.

Zion is the Creative Director of Black Discourse, co-founder of Wild Grass Design + Research Lab and owner of BZE Consultant LLC.  She holds a M.A. Ed focused in participatory research and linquistics.

Director of Programs at BLD PWR; holds 10yrs as educator and curriculum developer.

Board member at Citizens of Culture
Exhibitor at the Ghetto Biennale in Jacmel, Haiti 2024
Participant in MIT Worlding Project Community 2023